Our recommendation is Upcycling, which does not mean that you have to order immediately from one of our partners ' online shops. In every town / city / district there are certain weekdays on which the waste paper collection takes place. From their own observation, the shops then place nicely folded boxes in front of their stores. Whoever then starts searching in the morning will usually find what he is looking for. It is always a good tip to ask your acquaintances, friends and neighbours. Even relocation boxes are a good idea.

Our stickers are designed so that the transformation also works with any box size. For the vehicles we recommend a box where your child can sit comfortably inside. Whereby children under cozy usually have their own definition 😉 We have found that often the smaller and narrower boxes are most popular. It is also possible to make great decorative boxes for the children's room. Have fun with them!

Most online shops ship in double-wall cartons. These boxes are very stable and can withstand a lot. Our own vehicles have lasted for over a year, owbohl they are often used - every now and then we have to repair a corner with tape. For our food, passport, gold bars and coin stickers, single wall boxes are our favourites. Because they are simply easier to cut out by children's hands and the fun starts with sticking and cutting.

We do not recommend our stickers for children under the age of three due to small parts that can be swallowed. Only use stickers as intended and do not stick them on toys for small children. From our own experience, however, we know that interest in cartons is already growing for 14 months. We would like to point out that this requires the constant supervision of an adult supervisor.

Even children who had no previous experience with role-playing games were stimulated by the use of BADALA to immerse themselves in their fantasy world. Many parents report and positively that role play starts as soon as the sticker sets are unpacked. Often it is only a small impulse to name the individual stickers together when sticking them on and nothing more stands in the way of the children's imagination and creativity.

There is no right or wrong. The stickers from BADALA give children and adults unique pleasure. Unique also because each sticker is its own element. This way, boxes of almost all sizes can be transformed into individual vehicles - or other fantasy creations - according to your children's wishes.

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